Congratulations to Dr. Aisling Coughlan who received a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship to work in our lab!

Congrats Aisling and well deserved!

Lab day out 2022 – So lucky to work with this fantastic group of scientists.

NEW!!! Postdoc: and PhD positions: available in our laboratory. Come join us to work on exciting projects.

Congratulations again Daniel on winning a poster prize at the 3rd Medicinal Chemistry Ireland conference!

Welcome to the Lab Dr. Aisling Coughlan. Delighted to have you here to expand our techniques into epigenetic studies in leukemia.

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Alencar Rodrigues! He won the John Fitzpatrick best oral presentation at the Irish Association of Cancer Research 2022.

Well done to PhD student Lyndsey Flanagan who gave a fantastic oral presentation at IACR 2022.

Lab drinks at last… It has been a while since we got to meet in person:)

Congratulations to Daniel and Lyndsey for getting oral presentations at RCSI Research Day 2022. Well done to Daniel and Graeme for winning an innovation award.

Well done to Lyndsey on getting selected for an oral presentation at Mitochondria, Apoptosis and Cancer virtual meeting.

Well done to Daniel and Andy who’s review on HDAC PROTACs got published:


Congrats to Dr. Graeme Sullivan on receiving an Irish Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship in collaboration with Prof. Siobhan Glavey at Beaumont Hospital.

For more information:

Wellcome to the lab Yu Wang delighted you could join us as part of the StAR PhD programme with Soochow University September 2021.

Congrats to Lyndsey and Andy for getting selected for oral presentations at the Haematology Association of Ireland meeting in 2021.

Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Di Grande on becoming a Senior Biomarker Trial Manager at Novartis.

LAB retreat 2021: the Bray to Greytones walk along with Tapas by the beach..

Andy has become a TEM master since he joined our lab.. Love looking at mitochondria.

Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Di Grande on receiving the best oral presentation at the Irish Association of Cancer Research 2021.

Congratulations to Lyndsey Flanagan on receiving a Breakthrough Cancer Research PhD fellowship..

Welcome to the Lab Andy Roe.. Delighted to have some musical capabilities in the lab along with strong molecular biology techniques. Andy comes all the way from Manchester.


Delighted to welcome Daniel to the lab all the way from Brazil.. An expert on HDACs.. here’s to some exciting chemistry in the TTC Lab.


Welcome to the lab Dr. Graeme Sullivan all the way from Trinity College Dublin! Thanks to the Leukemia Research Foundation for funding support.

Congratulations to Dr. Alessandra Di Grande who received an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship. Way to go Ale !