Andrew Roe


My name is Andrew Roe and I joined the group in October 2020 to pursue a PhD project. I completed my BSc in Pharmacology at the University of Manchester, UK, with a placement project investigating the role of HDACs in sodium transport. To gain more cancer-specific training I then undertook a Master’s in Cancer research at Newcastle University where I evaluated CDK2 dependencies in ovarian cancer.

Within the Ní Chonghaile group I’m currently investigating the role of HDAC6 in triple-negative breast cancer utilising a novel small molecule inhibitor. Using transmission electron microscopy, CRISPR/Cas9, 3D organoid models, and flow cytometric analyses I will be dissecting the basis of HDAC6 inhibitor-induced cell death. Through this work I hope to guide safer, better, and more selective therapies to patients in the clinic.

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