Yu Wang

Yu Wang is a StAR PhD student from Soochow University in China. She joined Dr. Ní Chonghaile’s research group in October 2021. She completed BSc in Pharmacy in 2018 and MSc in Pharmaceutics in 2021 at Soochow University. She used to focusing on rational design of nano delivery system and its antitumor efficacy evaluation.

She is investigating how HDAC6 inhibition with a highly-selective inhibitor alters glycolytic metabolism in immune cells and influences the effector function to find possible effect of HDAC6 inhibition on tumor environment. Yu will spend two years in Soochow University to study how the inhibitor binds to human HDAC6 by analyzing crystal structure of the complex thus provide new binding sites for HDAC6 inhibition and allow the identification of highly selective HDAC6 inhibitors with the potential for clinical development.

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